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Frequently Asked Questions

Klenk Law specializes in trusts, wills, estate planning, probate, and will challenges and will contests, with offices in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Allentown, New York and New Jersey.

Will Contests and Other Litigation FAQs

+ Who needs an Executor, Personal Representative or Administrator Dispute Attorney?

When disputes between and estate’s Executors, Personal Representatives or Administrators arise, or when there is a dispute among two or more persons as to who should serve as the Executor, Personal Representative or Administrator, the parties are in need of an Attorney. Each Executor, Personal Representative and Administrator may retain his or her own lawyer to assist and advise him or her. Each party who wishes to serve as Executor, Administrator or Personal Representative may also retain an attorney to represent his or her interests.

+ Who needs a Will Challenge Attorney?

The executor or administrator of an estate may need a Will Challenge Attorney should the beneficiaries challenge the validity of the Will. The Beneficiaries will also need a Will Challenge Lawyer to represent their rights. There are special courts to hear these Will Challenge cases and both sides will be best served by having an experienced, Will Challenge Attorney.

+ What Is a Caveat?

A caveat (Latin for “let him beware”) is a notice filed with the Register of Surrogate to prevent the Register of Surrogate from granting official recognition to the Executor. The person who files the caveat is known as a “caveat or”.

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