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Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 by Peter Klenk

From our “Ask a Question” mailbag: After reading the information on your site, I believe my brother used undue influence to get my father to change his will. If I decide to challenge the will, where will the trial be held? How long will the process take?

Will contests are heard by the judges in the Montgomery County Orphans’ Court. The Montgomery County Orphans’ Court is located in Norristown. In many cases, will contest challenges settle before a trial. If the case settles, the parties could agree to terms in a matter of weeks, months or it could be on the courthouse steps minutes before trial.

If a will challenge case makes it all the way to trial that process could easily take more than one year. If you decide to move forward with a will challenge, be prepared for a marathon, not a sprint. Feel free to contact us with the details of your case so we can give you a more detailed response.

If you have questions about will contests in Montgomery County, feel free to contact our office for a free consultation with one of our Estate Litigation Lawyers.

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