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Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2012 by Peter Klenk

Most people are honest, but some people are not.

As New Jersey Will Challenge Attorneys, we focus our litigation practice exclusively on Will Challenges, Will Contests and other estate disputes. Over our many years as Will Challenge Lawyers we have seen the dishonest things that some people will do; including forging wills and using undue influence on people to sign wills.

Time Limits, 4 months or 6 months: If you feel a Will Challenge need be made, act quickly or you may lose your chance for challenging the Will. If you are a New Jersey resident, you only have four months to file your petition or if you are a non-New Jersey resident you have only six months. If you delay, you are bared from filing your Will Challenge and a wrong might go undiscovered. It would be even better if you contact us prior to the Will being filed, as our Will Challenge Lawyers might be able to prevent the Will’s even be filed with the Surrogate.

Surrogate’s Courts: No matter in what County the deceased resided, from Sussex County to Cape May County, our Probate Lawyers can assist you and answer your questions. Our Will Challenge Attorneys represent clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and in Florida, and our Will Challenge Attorneys focus only in this area of the law. The skills of our Will Contest Attorneys are recognized by their peers. Our New Jersey office is in Camden County, but we have recently litigated cases throughout New Jersey including the Cape May County Surrogate’s Court, the Atlantic County Surrogate’s Court, the Mercer County Surrogate’s Court and Burlington County Surrogate’s Court.

Undue Influence, forgery and other reasons to file a Will Contest maybe difficult to identify. For more information on Will Challenges and Will Contests, examine our website, or please call one of our Will Contest Lawyers for a free consultation.

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